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The Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury fight is happening right now in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Ngannou came in as a huge underdog considering his status as the former UFC heavyweight champion going up against the legendary boxing champion Fury.

In the third round, Ngannou did something more striking and unbelievable than any MMA fighter has done in a crossover boxing match to date — he knocked down Fury with a devastating counter-punch in the third round.

Fans on X are losing their minds as Ngannou and Fury continue to do battle in the boxing ring.

Fury took a unique approach to training prior to the match. It hasn’t paid off so far according to most observers, who seem to believe that Ngannou’s knockdown was a major win in and of itself for the world of MMA, the UFC, and mixed martial artist fighters in the sport of boxing.

A different angle shows the immense power-left from Ngannou stunning Fury.

Another angle shows the punch from behind Ngannou similar to the classic Nintendo game ‘Mike Tyson‘s Punch-Out!!’ Ngannou caught Fury off-guard with his power.

A stunned reaction from Stephen A. Smith added to the day’s pandemonium as MMA and boxing fans alike could not believe their eyes.

The hot takes, and funny takes, came fast and furious as the reactions continued to pour in from every corner of X.

Many fans continued to believe that Ngannou was winning the fight as the evening wore on. Ngannou had been trained by the master himself, Mike Tyson, prior to the fight, adding to his credibility in the ring.

Through eight rounds, many fans believed Ngannou was winning.

The question now is whether Fury can whether the storm and come back with his trademark combination of accuracy, reach and precision in the ring.


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