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The Miami Dolphins didn’t hesitate to take a chance on Chase Claypool, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to throw him into the mix just yet.

The talented wideout made his Dolphins debut during Sunday’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles after being in street clothes in the first two games since his trade from the Chicago Bears.

However, he was only on the field for four offensive snaps and ten special teams snaps.

Tua Tagovailoa didn’t target him once, but he’s not frustrated about that.

As reported by David Furones of the Miami Sun-Sentinel, Claypool knows he’s got to earn his stripes within the team and get a hold of Mike McDaniel’s offense, and he’ll look forward to contributing to the best of his capacities.

Truth be told, the Dolphins didn’t actually need another weapon like him; he was a luxury add.

As such, they’re not going to unleash him unless they’re 100% certain that he’s going to have a positive impact, especially considering his history with his former teams.

The Dolphins will meet the New England Patriots for their second clash of the season.

Perhaps they’ll send him out there to mix things up a little, considering he wasn’t with the team when they squared off earlier in the season.

Claypool has all the physical tools to be one of the most dominant wide receivers in the game, as he could be a perennial mismatch with his strong frame and big body.

Still, he needs to prove that he actually wants it.

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