rewrite this title Cowboys’ Micah Parsons’ reason for concerning vomiting in win vs. Panthers

Micah Parsons just had to get something out of his system before helping Dak Prescott and the Cowboys triumph over Bryce Young’s Panthers.

A lot of fans were at the edge of their seats when Micah Parsons threw up in their faceoff against the Carolina Panthers. The defensive star for the Dallas Cowboys was not looking well in the early stages of this game. He eventually had to be pulled to the sidelines to relieve his stomach. After that, everything went back to normal as he helped Dak Prescott by continually hounding Bryce Young on defense.

Micah Parsons had to address his vomiting situation after they had triumphed over the Panthers, via Jon Machota of The Athletic.

“I got some water to help put it down. By the fifth play, it felt like my heart was gonna jump outta my chest. I felt like I was about to explode. I’m never doing that shit again,” the Cowboys star said. He also admitted to downing some C4 Energy powder before the game started.

Parsons notched two solo tackles with four others being assisted. He also knocked Bryce Young with 2.5 sacks which made life a living hell for the Panthers quarterback in the pocket. Daron Bland bolstered the Cowboys’ secondary some more by forcing an interception. It would all pay off in the end.

The Cowboys completed dominated en route to a massive win with a 10 to 33 scoreline. They limited the Panthers to 187 total yards while Dak Prescott did his magic which got them a total yardage of 311. All of this adds to the sigh of relief that fans had to take after Parsons was puking.

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