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GET A $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD: As of Oct. 27, Amazon is offering a $100 gift card when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy S23 FE in any storage capacity (128GB or 256GB).

Looking for a new phone without breaking the bank? Amazon and Samsung have teamed up to offer a $100 Amazon gift card with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S23 FE.

For a limited time, you get a $100 Amazon gift card just for buying a new Samsung Galaxy S23 FE. The 128GB model is $599.99, and the 256GB model is $659.99. With most smartphones costing upwards of $1,000, this is a pretty sweet deal for anyone on a budget.

The Galaxy S23 FE is a great phone, too. It has a powerful processor, a beautiful display, and a versatile camera system. It’s also packed with features like a long-lasting battery and a fast-charge system.

What’s even cooler is that the Galaxy S23 FE has a built-in object eraser, so you can remove unwanted objects from your social media photos without using a third-party app. This can be a huge time-saver for social media managers, influencers, or anyone else who wants to post perfect photos without spending hours editing them.

Get a new phone plus a little something extra at Amazon while this deal lasts.

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