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TL;DR: As of October 28, you can get a lifetime Plantum AI Plant Identifier Premium Plan subscription for only $14.97 instead of $59.99 — that’s a savings of 75%.

If you’re often out in nature hiking, walking, camping, or gardening, at some point you may have wondered what type of plant you were looking at. The Plantum app for iOS devices can help you answer that question quickly. And a lifetime subscription to this app is just $14.97 (reg. $59) through October 31. 

Plantum includes more than 15,000 plant profiles for you to learn about. Using the power of AI, you simply point your camera at the plant in question, and within three seconds, you have an answer. The app will also help you diagnose a plant’s condition and offer some care advice to restore it to a healthy state.

And since it’s been devised with the help of expert botanists, you can get solid advice on important things like soil selection, how much or when to water, fertilizing, and temperature conditions to help you keep your house or garden plants thriving. Plantum also allows you to set care reminders.

If you’re unsure where to put a new plant, the app includes a light meter to measure the sunlight levels in your spaces so you get the most suitable spot.

Plantum is only available on iOS devices running iOS 13 or higher. This deal is only available to new users. Users will have access to the app on all iOS devices under the same Apple ID. 

Being out in nature has positive links to mental health, cognition, and happiness. Whether you’re exploring the wilderness, cultivating your garden, or simply deepening your knowledge of the natural world, this app can be your trusted companion when you’re out getting your daily dose of nature.

Get a lifetime Plantum AI Plant Identifier Premium Plan subscription for just $14.97 (reg. $59) until October 31 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Prices subject to change.

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