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Did you know you can trigger cool effects like balloons, fireworks, hearts, and even a rainstorm on FaceTime? As long as you’re running iOS 17 on a compatible iPhone you can set off fun reactions with a handful of gestures.

Try out the following eight gestures to surprise your friends and family during video calls.

1. Use the ‘peace sign’ for balloons

2. Use two peace signs for confetti

3. Make the ‘heart’ sign to get a flurry of red hearts

4. Thumbs down for the ‘dislike’ icon

5. Double thumbs down for a rainy storm

6. Single thumb up for the ‘like’ icon

7. Double thumbs up for fireworks

8. The ‘rock on’ sign for flashing lights

Keep in mind that gestures should also work on other apps including Zoom and Google Meet. In addition to iOS 17, these reactions also support iPadOS 17 and macOS sonoma.

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