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Summerize this News Article The Cleveland Browns have had a solid start to the 2023 NFL season. However, the recent injury to starting quarterback Deshaun Watson has left the team in a difficult position. In this article, we will explore three potential quarterback trades that the Browns could make to address this situation, including the possibility of re-acquiring Jacoby Brissett.Cleveland Browns’ Season So FarThe Browns are currently 4-2 on the season. They are coming off their first road win of the season after beating the Colts 39-38 in Indianapolis. The Browns defense has been impressive on a week-to-week basis, putting up some impressive defensive numbers. They lead the league in fewest yards allowed per game. They also forced four turnovers in their last game, which was a necessary element to their success over the Colts. Even with an off week against the Colts, the Browns defense can still be that suffocating defense that they have shown in previous games.Keep in mind that the Browns have struggled to find success since resuming operations in 1999, especially during the 2010s when they did not post one winning season throughout that decade. However, this season has been different. They have won their last two games, and their defense has been a key factor in their success. All that can be derailed with their unenviable QB situation, though. The Browns also have a tough schedule ahead of them, but if they can continue to play solid defense and get key contributions from their offense, they have a chance to make a run in the playoffs.Deshaun Watson’s Current SituationWatson has been struggling with his performance on the field. He is also dealing with a nagging injury to his rotator cuff, which has been affecting his ability to throw the ball with velocity. The Browns have been handling his availability in a somewhat inconsistent manner, with Watson missing two games due to his injury. The team has not been clear about whether Watson is injured, hurt, or both, but they do not consider him healthy. Despite making progress in his recovery, Watson was ruled out for the Browns’ next game due to residual swelling in his shoulder. The Browns face a difficult decision in navigating Watson’s health, as they must balance maximizing his current availability with preserving their investment in him for the future.Here we will look at three quarterback trades that the Cleveland Browns can do amid the Deshaun Watson injury.Re-acquire Jacoby BrissettOne viable choice for the Browns is to bring back Jacoby Brissett. He was a part of their team in 2022. This has been a widely discussed trade scenario for the Browns following Watson’s recent shoulder injury. It’s a possibility that Cleveland should seriously contemplate.Of course, it’s highly improbable that the Browns can sustain their winning streak with PJ Walker as their quarterback. Although he engineered two game-winning drives, his performance during the 49ers game was subpar. He did not even have any completed passes on that crucial drive. Even his display against the Colts, marked by three significant completions, relied on questionable penalty calls and didn’t inspire much confidence in Walker’s ability to serve as a reliable backup.As such, the Browns are in dire need of a more dependable backup option. What if Deshaun Watson is forced to sit out games beyond Week 8? Can Walker, who has zero touchdowns, three interceptions, and an average of 4.7 yards per play, truly be relied upon to lead the offense?Brissett, on the other hand, demonstrated with the Browns last year that he can maintain stability in the team. His quick adaptation to the offense and seamless chemistry with the receivers are strong selling points. Moreover, acquiring him is likely to be cost-effective. This is especially true if the Commanders are open to a trade. It’s also no surprise that Browns fans would love to have him back. Reports surfacing that the Browns could get Jacoby Brissett from the Commanders. 👀 BRING. JACOBY. HOME. 🔥 — Nick Karns (@karnsies817) October 25, 2023Trade for Andy DaltonKeep in mind that neither Dorian Thompson-Robinson nor Walker has proven to be a sufficient replacement for Watson. As such, Cleveland needs to make a short-term trade to ensure the competitiveness of their offense while Watson recovers.Enter Andy Dalton. He is currently serving as insurance and a mentor for Bryce Young with the Carolina Panthers. He won’t see any more action this season unless Young gets injured. Dalton also has experience in the AFC North from his time with the Cincinnati Bengals. Given the limited quarterback trade options, he could serve as a very serviceable signal-caller for several weeks.Trade for Mac JonesAlthough teams aren’t exactly clamoring for the Patriots’ Mac Jones, there’s a chance that other teams might view his situation differently. This is where Cleveland may want to give him a look. Take note, however, that he has been benched multiple times in the past year and a half by Bill Belichick. Reports have indicated longstanding tension between Jones and his coach, and with the team owner’s increasing frustration over the Patriots’ performance, a change might not be out of the question.That said, Mac Jones has displayed promise as a passer and possesses a strong grasp of the game. If the Browns are truly desperate for someone to step in and hold the fort in Watson’s absence, Jones could be an excellent fit. He is, after all, a young quarterback with long-term potentialLooking AheadThe Cleveland Browns have had a strong start to the 2023 NFL season, but the lingering injuries to Deshaun Watson have left the team in a difficult position. However, there are several potential quarterback trades that the Browns could make to address this situation. Whether they choose to re-acquire Jacoby Brissett, trade for Andy Dalton, or trade for the disgruntled Mac Jones, the Browns will need to act quickly to find a replacement for Watson and keep their momentum going. that meets Google’s requirements for helpful content updates. 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