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1Password is currently offering new customers a $20 discount on a one-year subscription to its individual password manager plan, bringing the annual price down to $15.88 (about $1.32 a month). This deal is exclusive for Verge readers through the end of the year, with no need for any promo codes — just click the provided link and you’ll see the discount applied when you set up your account.

Passwords as we know them may soon be a thing of the past, as passkeys are slowly becoming the norm for companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and others. 1Password started rolling out passkeys earlier this year, and even the discounted basic plan allows you to access them. With a 1Password membership, you can save logins and passwords from all kinds of sites via desktop and mobile, across various browsers, and on unlimited devices. One of the major strengths of the service, like all password managers, is that it’ll allow you to automatically generate extremely challenging passwords that are unlikely to be guessed. You just have to remember your login credentials for the password manager itself — so be sure to make that one a toughie and make sure to note it somewhere.

If you’re in the market for one of Apple’s premium wearables and don’t mind being a generation behind, you can get the first-gen Apple Watch Ultra for $629 ($170 off) at Best Buy with a yellow / beige Trail Loop strap. If you prefer a different strap, it’s also available at Best Buy with an orange Alpine Loop for $629 ($140 off), matching the all-time low on that particular model.

The original Apple Watch Ultra is similar to the newer Ultra 2, which just launched alongside the iPhone 15 last month. It uses Apple’s last-gen processor and not the newer S9 SiP chip, but based on previous Apple Watches, it’s likely to have plenty of performance headroom for years to come. It’s not quite as hardcore as some of the adventure-ready Garmin watches of the world, but it’s an excellent smartwatch if you want something a little more rugged than the standard Series Apple Watch, especially when you can find it at a steep discount. Plus, it’s an absolute battery champ (as far as Apple Watches go) despite its overly large 49mm display.

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