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Replay delivers NFT-gating boosted by Theta Network

Replay, a blockchain platform for Web3, has partnered with the Theta Network to enable video streamers and media brands to lock videos with non-fungible token (NFT) exposure across smart TVs and handheld devices. Replay offers simplified Web3 monetization, distribution and syndication of live streams and video libraries. This is the result of Replay’s latest NFT-gating abilities, which can be commoditized, sold, and incorporated into proprietorial content. Theta Network, a blockchain structure for the media, allows a streamlined decentralised token-gated video to curate and monetize content. Theta’s peer-to-peer content supply validates the video locked behind Replay NFTs, and Replay’s tracking protocol, operating on a THETA subchain tracks realtime video analytics. Replay’s customised badges, missions and rewards and multi-viewer video game platform, Replay Dash, are attracting web 3 era content builders to deepen their fans’ conversational engagement. The Replay Theta partnership plans to launch its subchain by the end of the second quarter. The market for digital collectibles such as virtual real estate and artwork has boomed to $2bn since the inception of the blockchain.

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