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Reddit Releases Thousands Of NFTs On Polygon In Its Latest Collection With Over 100 Artists ⋆ ZyCrypto

Reddit has launched its third generation (Gen 3) NFT collection in collaboration with over 100 artists, expanding the number of artists and content in the program. The new release was centered on futuristic themes, with the platform urging artists to express their views through art. Presently, over 10.6 million Reddit avatars have been minted with a total value of $74.5 million. The non-fungible token (NFT) space has seen new entrants from traditional social media players in recent years, however, Reddit has taken the market by storm with its two previous releases. Reddit’s NFTs have continued to soar since its launch last year, attracting over 7.3 million wallets with over 10 million minted NFTs. To reach a wider audience, the Gen 3 collection seeks to grow its artistic base from 32 creators in its two previous releases to 100 in the latest edition. The Reddit NFT project has always maintained its community-centered approach in its two previous releases, taking it a step further in Gen 3. Several artists commenting on the project stated that the platform encouraged them to express themselves around the theme, giving them the desired support. The new project utilized a tiered system giving priority to popular artists.

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