Redbox wants to save Netflix’s DVD business

Redbox is reportedly interested in buying Netflix’s DVD business after the streaming giant recently announced it would stop shipping discs. However, Netflix has no plans to sell the DVD rental service, according to unnamed sources. Redbox CEO Galen Smith believes that even if Netflix doesn’t sell, Redbox could still benefit from its closure as a “whole bunch of people who are going to look for a new place to get their DVDs, and we’re close to 90 percent of them based on where our kiosks are located”. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Smith said that the rental industry will continue to be a viable business as long as content providers have DVDs available, adding that his company still buys millions of DVDs a year. Redbox operates more than 40,000 DVD rental kiosks across North America. Meanwhile Netflix continues to focus on its streaming service, which now has more than 104 million subscribers.

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