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RCMP ‘actively investigating’ Chinese government police stations following arrests in U.S.

Investigations into Chinese-run “police stations” in Canada are ongoing, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), following the arrests of two suspects in the US. The RCMP claims Beijing has used nondescript offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver to promote its interests and harass and intimidate the Chinese-Canadian community. The US authorities have charged two men with acting as unregistered agents of the Chinese government for their role in running a similar police station in New York City. Beijing denies running any such facilities. Both a Spanish non-profit and the RCMP have identified police stations in Canada allegedly connected to China, but no charges have yet been laid in relation to the accusations. China’s government has long been accused of operating similar unregistered police stations around the world, as part of its attempts to counteract “poisons” such as Taiwanese independence advocates and pro-democracy activists. Critics have suggested that the existence of such stations in Canada indicates that the influence of China’s Communist Party is increasing in the country.

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