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Putin spotted with strange scar on neck fuelling health concerns | World | News

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has raised concerns about his state of health after a scar was seen on his neck in a photograph taken during an Easter service in Moscow. Some have speculated that Putin is battling with thyroid cancer. The scar, which prompted rumours about Putin’s health, was visible in a photograph published on the website of state news agency “TASS”. Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazansky shared the photo on his Telegram channel, commenting on the shape of the mark which he suggested appeared to resemble a “Z”, the symbol of Russian pro-war propaganda. Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko claimed that Putin had moved with difficulty at the service. This week Putin made a visit to Russian-occupied territories in neighbouring Ukraine. In a Kremlin video, Putin appears “troubled” according to body language expert Judi James who analyses his behaviour, picking up on a lack of strength or defiance in the Russian leader’s manner.

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