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Prince Harry to attend King Charles’ coronation without Meghan

Prince Harry will attend King Charles III’s coronation in Westminster Abbey on May 6 without his wife Meghan, who will remain in California with their children. Buckingham Palace confirmed the news in a statement on Wednesday. The coronation will be a significant event, as Prince Charles will become the oldest person to be crowned king in over 1,000 years. It is unclear if other members of the royal family will attend, as no official invitations have been announced. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have had a complicated relationship with the royal family in recent years, culminating in their decision to step back from senior royal duties in 2020 and move to the US. However, they have maintained links with the family and attended Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021. The coronation is expected to be a smaller and more subdued affair than usual due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Westminster Abbey is the traditional location for coronations, with the last coronation taking place there on June 2, 1953, for Queen Elizabeth II.

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