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Polygon With an Open Letter to EU Parliament, Seeks Amendments to Data Act

The board of Polygon, the company behind the Proof-of-Stake multi-chain blockchain platform, has written an open letter to the EU Parliament expressing concerns about Article 30 of the EU Data Act. The article in question could have unintended consequences for blockchain developers, according to Polygon’s letter. The EU Data Act aims to break up monopolies that companies hold over user data, but Article 30’s proposed amendments to blockchain smart contracts may hinder decentralized platforms. Polygon fears that the current wording could make developers accountable for the illegal use of their smart contracts by a third party. Polygon has requested that the wording be amended before the Data Act goes into effect, and that the EU Markets in Crypto-Assets framework be followed for the time being. A second aspect of the legislation requires developers to implement a kill switch that could stop problems from occurring, but Polygon argues it will be practically impossible to implement in a truly decentralized system. Polygon’s letter to the EU is supported by Ledger, and the two companies have proposed amendments to narrow the legislation and protect decentralized software development.

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