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Poland’s PM calls on West to stand with Ukraine to safeguard Taiwan | World | News

Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki has called for global support for Ukraine in order to protect Taiwan’s independence. Speaking at a meeting with the Atlantic Council in Washington DC, Morawiecki drew a connection between the current conflict in Ukraine and the threat of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. As such, he stressed that supporting Ukraine is essential for protecting Taiwan’s independence. Meanwhile, Germany has approved Poland’s request to transfer five Soviet-designed fighter jets to Ukraine. Ukraine’s air force is familiar with MiG-29s and is able to use the planes right away. Ukrainian officials have previously spoken of preparations for an expected counteroffensive against Russian forces, and President Zelensky has lobbied Western supporters for months to provide fighter jets, anti-aircraft defence systems, equipment, and ammunition. The transfer of fighter jets to Ukraine has been supported by Slovakia as well, which has already delivered four MiG-29s with another nine promised, indicating growing support for Ukraine’s ongoing conflict with Russia.

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