Pistons Bad Boy Joe Dumars suspends Draymond Green for stomp

Former Detroit Piston and primary defender of Michael Jordan, Joe Dumars, has suspended Draymond Green without pay for Game 3 of the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings First Round matchup. The NBA is becoming softer and hypocritical in comparison to the toughness of the ‘80s and ‘90s era, and the decision is being perceived as questionable. While there is no defence for Green’s unsportsmanlike acts, the announcement that Domantas Sabonis was questionable for Thursday’s game due to a sternum contusion he apparently suffered as a result of Green stepping on him felt oddly convenient. Sabonis has been allowed to play the victim for something he started, and the NBA has decided to send their most popular team home early. Players are now million-dollar assets, and the money is different, but players are still acting aggressively. Ironically, a member of the meanest team in NBA history is now in charge of discipline, and he decided to show that physicality and overt aggression still have a place by suspending Green.

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