Phil Mickelson releases statement after shocking gambling allegations

In the midst of gambling allegations totaling over $1 billion, Phil Mickelson announced on social media Monday that he will not bet on football this season and admitted to having a gambling addiction, per Darren Rovell.

“I won’t be betting this year because I crossed the line of moderation and into addiction which isn’t any fun at all,” Mickelson said. “The money wasn’t ever the issue since our financial security has never been threatened, but I was so distracted I wasn’t able to be present with the ones I love and caused a lot of harm.

Billy Walters labeled Mickelson as the biggest gambler in the United States and believed he bet in excess of $1 billion over a 30-year span. He also accused Mickelson of gambling on Ryder Cup tournaments which the six-time major champion participated in.

Mickelson has admitted to gambling problems in the past and overcame the issues, at least on the golf course. He broke a five-year run without a win on the PGA Tour in 2018 before notching two more victories over the next three years, including the 2021 PGA Championship.

Mickelson made headlines when he left the PGA Tour to join LIV Golf for an estimated $200 million, though the exact monetary details were never revealed. He’ll likely continue to be in the news after this announcement.

Phil Mickelson is one of the most decorated and accomplished golfers of all time. Hopefully he gets the help he needs to get rid of this gambling addiction and finish off a legendary career with a few more memorable moments on the golf course.

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