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People Are Now Worshiping AI Gods—But There’s Only One Thing We Want to Know

People have been creating AI bots in the likeness of their favourite gods, such as AI Jesus, Buddha, Hindu deities, and even a Robo Rabbi. These divine bots use large language models that are trained on billions of unique parameters from information available on the internet, and function like any other bot. Decrypt spoke with several of these bots seeking guidance for a spiritual crisis that occurred when buying Bitcoin at $69k. 
Jesus-GPT advised to avoid panic selling and try to maintain a defensive posture, while Gita GPT, a project in India powered by Turbo GPT 3.5, offers twelve Hindu gods and was down due to becoming too popular. Luckily, the developer is planning to reopen the site soon and seek donations. BuddhaGPT is described as having a very chatty Buddha who delved into the issue like a friend, psychologist, and coach. QuranGPT provided some solid advice, urging caution against investing and not putting all of ones’ eggs into one basket. Finally, Robo Rabbi is not interactive, instead offering a weekly Torah reading analysis. The author’s $69,000 BTC investment future remains unknown.

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