Patrick Mahomes weapons draws disappointed Trae Young take

The Kansas City Chiefs are the darling of the NFL, as they stand on top of the league’s pecking order with a dominant display last season that culminated in a Super Bowl crown — their second in the span of four years. And with star quarterback Patrick Mahomes at the top of his game, there’s no reason to believe that the Chiefs will be dropping off anytime soon as they faced the Detroit Lions in Week 1.

Alas, as good of a quarterback as Mahomes is, he can only impact the game as much as his teammates would let him. And on Thursday night, it was clear that the Chiefs were missing Travis Kelce, as the likes of Kadarius Toney and Skyy Clark did not cut it in a 21-20 loss against the upstart Lions. On eight targets for Toney and Clark, they only mustered one yard on one reception — abysmal stuff. Toney and Clark each had four terrible drops — not helping matters at all for their star man.

Even Atlanta Hawks star point guard, Trae Young, felt just how frustrating it must have been for Patrick Mahomes to witness his teammates botch makeable plays, expressing his thoughts regarding the matter on his official Twitter (X) account.

“These dudes Pat throwing [to] CAN’T Catch!” Young wrote.

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Trae Young knows the value of teammates who can catch his passes, being the premiere lob artist in the entire NBA. Young will forever be grateful for the assured hands of Clint Capela, who stretches his go-go gadget arms whichever way he could just so he could catch the Hawks floor general’s sometimes-adventurous alley-oop attempts.

However, unlike Young, Patrick Mahomes cannot decide to simply take matters upon his own hands whenever his teammates fail to help him out. With the Hawks, Young can always decide to take the majority of shots and call his own number when things go rough, while the Chiefs QB will always be subject to the ups and downs of his teammates’ performance to an extent.

Hopefully for the Chiefs, Travis Kelce will be able to suit up for their Week 2 clash against the Jacksonville Jaguars to avoid starting the season with an 0-2 record.

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