Parler Could Get a Spin-Off by Disgruntled Former Employees

Former employees of the far-right platform Parler are planning to create a new version of the site after becoming disenfranchised with its new owners, Starboard. The platform, known for its role in the January 6 Capitol attack, has struggled to maintain direction since Amazon and Google removed it from their app stores. Starboard acquired Parler last week, calling it an “uncancelable free speech platform,” but former employees have described it as a “Twitter clone” for conservatives. A Discord server called “Parler Life Raft” has been established to bring together Parler allies and former employees to brainstorm a suitable idea for a new version of the platform that adheres to the conservative, wide-open principles of the original. One former lead engineer for the company, Dennis Harrison, complained that “Parler management are straight up f*ggots” and that they have ruined something good. The former employees appear to believe there is still a market for a far-right, unregulated social media site, despite Amazon and Google pulling support in 2021. Harrison has told his fellow Discord channel participants that he expects the site to receive $300 a month from donations initially and that it could rise to $500 after going public. Starboard has not commented on the plan.

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