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Paris’ Pompidou Art Museum showcases CryptoPunks NFTs

The Centre Pompidou in Paris is showcasing a CryptoPunks NFT alongside original works by artists such as Matisse and Picasso in a new exhibit called “Policies of the Immaterial”. The exhibition is running until January 2024 and explores how blockchain technology can be applied to the creative process. CryptoPunk #110 is part of the exhibit, which features pixel art, generative art, crypto art and other forms of digital art. The exhibit was curated to showcase the breadth of artistic expression around blockchain technology and its impact on the definitions and boundaries of artworks, creators, collections and audiences. The exhibit includes works by pioneering artists that explore blockchain, such as Yves Klein’s “The Checkbook” from 1959, which was his idea for facilitating the transfer of “transferable immaterial pictorial sensitivity”, and “Bitch Coin,” which is the first piece of art to be created entirely within the blockchain. The Centre Pompidou’s acquisition of NFTs is considered significant as they are now considered part of the French national heritage.

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