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PairEx Announces Beta Trading Competition With An $8,888 ARB And PEX Tokens Prize Pool

Decentralized perpetual futures exchange PairEx has made an announcement regarding its new Beta Trading Competition, which is set to be hosted from 3 April to 11 April 2023. The competition is open to all traders who trade BTCUSDT or ETHSUDT perpetual swap trading pairs on the platform with a minimum accumulative trading volume of 50,000 USDT and at least 20 trades, along with a profitable wallet address that reflects their net accumulative profit and loss for the competition period. The competition will award a prize pool of $8,888 in ARB and PEX tokens to the top traders, with the first-place winner receiving $4,000 equivalent in PEX and 888 USD equivalent in ARB. The platform has created a unique tokenomics system, offering different benefits to its users such as discounted trading fees, rewards, governance, and access to exclusive services. The PairEx platform has already attained high levels of performance, scalability and speed, and the competition hopes to showcase its zero slippage, low transaction fees, and high leverage facilities to its public.

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