Packers DC Makes Confident Statement About Team

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While not many people believe the Green Bay Packers can be a legit contender this season because of Aaron Rodgers’ departure, their offense wasn’t even their biggest strength last season.

The Packers actually put together a very decent defensive unit, and they have more than enough resources to give Jordan Love a helping hand.

Nonetheless, as good as they were in 2022, Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry doesn’t want people to think they’ll look exactly the same.

In his latest media appearance, Barry stated that he’s going to make a lot of changes to their new-look defense; otherwise, they would get run over (via Matt Schneidman).

It’s the beginning of a new era at Lambeau Field.

Jordan Love drew rave reviews throughout the course of training camp, and reports from within the organization show that he is ready to take over and become a starter.

Of course, there will be doubts and growing pains, and he’ll have to prove himself like anybody else.

The race to the top in the NFC North is going to be one for the ages.

For the first time in years, it seems like the division is legitimately up for grabs, and we should get plenty of interesting divisional matchups.

The Packers’ defense could be the key to their success, and it seems like they’re ready to surprise us.

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