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OpenSea Pro Retaliates Blur’s Dominance in NFT Market: Data

OpenSea Pro has surpassed Blur to become the world’s most popular NFT marketplace, according to analysis by Delphi Digital. The rebranded aggregator was launched to target active traders and boasted zero fees and advanced order types during a promotional period. Analysts suggest that professional traders have been drawn to the platform in anticipation of higher rewards, including potential airdrops. Meanwhile, Blur’s listing and bidding incentives have become saturated, making it more difficult to earn points. In Q1 2023, a majority of NFT trading volume was generated by Blur, which dethroned former market leader OpenSea within six months. However, data shows that OpenSea Pro has overtaken Blur in terms of daily transaction count, shrinking the latter’s market share from 49.3% to 27.9% this month.

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