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Onchain Summer, a month-long festivity organized by Base, the L2 venture incubated by Coinbase, culminated last week, leaving an indelible mark in the realm of onchain technology. Celebrating the exhilarating launch of Base Mainnet, Onchain Summer manifested the immense community zeal, bringing together over 50 pioneering companies, prodigious artists, and innovative creators. From August 9 to August 31, a unique mint unveiled daily, underscoring the might of onchain technology.

Onchain Summer by the Numbers:

  • An astounding 700K mints over the course of 23 days.
  • Participation from 268K distinct wallets.
  • The big hitters in partner collections included Coca-Cola (80K), Iskra (71K), FWB (71K), Zora (70K), and anotherblock (55K).
  • The most prolific creator mints were Base itself with a whopping 154K, followed by Iskra (71K), Deekay Motion (45K), Zorb (44K), and Kleerup (31K).


Onchain Summer’s Essence: Central to Onchain Summer was the spirit of unity and collaboration. With contributors like FWB, Parallel, anotherblock, Coca-Cola, and many others, the event represented the vast potential of the onchain space. Artists like Slimesunday collaborated to echo the transformative nature of NFTs, reinforcing their permanence in the digital world, not as a mere transient trend but as revolutionary tools that amplify creativity.

The sheer volume of participation, with 700,000 mints from 268,000 unique wallets, underscores the burgeoning onchain ecosystem.

Quotes like, “The odds of you being alive at the birth of a major art movement is close to zero,” from Cozomo de’ Medici, encapsulate the essence of the event, highlighting the privilege of shaping a prominent art movement.

Jesse Pollak, the brains behind Base, took audiences on a daily journey with his Onchain Summer Stories livestreams, accumulating over 200,000 views. These sessions spotlighted the exceptional architects of our digital future, delineating the vast spectrum of onchain possibilities.

Closing Thoughts: Onchain Summer was not merely a commemoration; it exemplified the potential of an evolving onchain universe. As Ed Fornieles articulated, the near future might see a world where terms like ‘web3’ become so ingrained that they dissolve into everyday life. A boundless universe where art, innovation, and creativity assume unprecedented forms, and the horizons are infinite.

Though Onchain Summer might have come to a close, the onchain epoch is in full swing, promising unending digital summers.

TL;DR: Base’s Onchain Summer, a month-long event, celebrated the launch of Base Mainnet. With over 700K mints from 268K wallets, it showcased the dynamism of onchain technology, emphasizing the boundless potential of the digital future.


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