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ODOGE (Optimism Doge) is Now Available for Trading on Hotbit Exchange

Global cryptocurrency trading platform Hotbit Exchange will list Optimism Doge (ODOGE) from 20 April 2023. The ODOGE/nUSD trading pair will be available for all users of the exchange. ODOGE is a meme coin that aims to build a strong community within a user-friendly ecosystem. Short-term goals include securing listings on reputable exchanges and carrying out innovative burning experiments. The team will also use marketing principles to position ODOGE as a prominent meme coin within the crypto community. ODOGE has a total supply of 42 trillion tokens, with 90% already burned, leaving 4.2 trillion in circulation. ODOGE is deflationary, with transaction burns built into the system, leading to a decrease in circulating supply over time. A 10% transaction tax is distributed as dividends to token holders, with 3% of this going toward buyback and burn, community development, and exchange listing. Hotbit Exchange, licensed in Estonia, the US, Australia and Canada, is focused on the world’s emerging markets, such as Russia, Turkey and Southeast Asia. The platform has more than eight million registered users in over 210 countries and regions.

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