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North Carolina head coach Mack Brown says college football ‘will never see amateurism again’

North Carolina head football coach Mack Brown has spoken out against the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rules that allow college athletes to profit from their image and brand. Brown believes that the current NIL model has created a “pay-for-play” atmosphere in recruiting and compared college football to a “farm league for the NFL”. He advocates for a system with a “salary cap” and for the NCAA to divide into divisions along revenue-generating lines. Brown is not the only major head coach to take issue with the current model of NIL, as Alabama’s Nick Saban also sees flaws in the system. Increased calls for a more structured way to regulate NIL have led U.S. senators Tommy Tuberville and Joe Manchin to announce their intention to draft legislation regulating NIL in August.

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