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NFTasty: Blackbird Serves Up Delicious Rewards with a Side of Blockchain | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture

Blackbird is a new restaurant loyalty program that combines NFTs – digital assets often seen as costly and mysterious – with VIP experiences. The platform aims to foster meaningful connections between restaurants and their diners, by enabling customers to track their visits to participating restaurants and earn rewards for their loyalty. Restaurants can also leverage the platform to gather customer data and fundraise from devoted fans, amongst other things. To participate, customers tap their phones to NFC-enabled stickers located at restaurant entrances and registers, with each tap representing a check-in that unlocks rewards usually reserved for regulars, investors or friends of the owners. Diners can track their progress and rewards through Blackbird’s website and upcoming app via digital punch cards, or NFTs, unique to each restaurant. The restaurant NFT is currently only accessible to a select group of people, however Blackbird aims to make special treatment accessible to everyone.

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