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NFT Twitter Is All Good Vibes Again—On Bluesky

Bluesky, a decentralized social media platform incubated by Twitter, is gaining traction as a promising rival to its progenitor. As the beta gradually becomes available to more and more users, prominent NFT creators, artists, builders, and collectors are joining the platform. This includes creators such as Vinnie Hager, Patrick Amadon, Ryan “ThankYouX” Wilson, and Pindar Van Arman, along with photographer John Knopf, Cozomo de’ Medici, and September Mourning musician Emily Lazar. They are sharing and resharing artwork on the platform, with some Web3 enthusiasts noting the prevalence of artwork so far. Bluesky’s federated model allows profile transfers between AT Protocol platforms and lets users control content-serving algorithms for increased trust in online spaces. The broader AT Protocol may eventually fuel a network of decentralized platforms, although for now, Bluesky remains a relatively small, centralized pocket of it. Its recognizable interface and user experience make Bluesky better poised to find widespread adoption than other decentralized platforms like Mastodon. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey launched Bluesky in 2019 to create a decentralized social media protocol that Twitter itself could someday adopt. After Elon Musk became the owner and CEO of Twitter, the project emerged and spun out, raising $13 million in funding. Bluesky’s user count appears to be in the ballpark of just tens of thousands in total amid the gradual, invite-driven beta rollout.

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