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NFT marketplace sales, users dip to 2021 lows, Dune Data shows

Daily users and sales in non-fungible token (NFT) markets such as Blur and OpenSea have hit new lows, according to analytics platform Dune. The number of unique users across top NFT marketplaces has been slowly declining over the past week, dropping to 7,805 on 19 April. Meanwhile, the number of sales recorded on 19 April was 16,149, the lowest since 9 November 2021. Blur has experienced a shrinking number of sales on its platform this week, with 5,688 sales recorded on Thursday. The number of Blur’s daily unique users has also dropped to 1,777, the lowest in 90 days. OpenSea’s daily trader count fell sharply to 10,640 on April 18, hitting the lowest point since July 2021, according to Dune, which attributed the decline to possible “macro scenarios” such as “high gas prices” and “tax season liquidity issues”.

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