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New Frontiers: Jeremy Booth Lassos More Western Artists Into Web3

Artist Jeremy Booth has launched the Western Art Dept, a project aimed at onboarding traditional Western artists into the Web3 space as well as tapping established non-fungible token (NFT) creators. Booth intends to curate the collection from willing contributors and hopes to feature more Western-themed art on the digital platform. Although a digitally savvy artist who has created pieces solely as unique NFTs, Booth believes that established traditional artists have an important role to play in developing the Western Art Dept. “At the time when I started doing it in the space, I felt like I was the only one”, he explained. The collection will commence in May as a collection hosted on NFT art platform, Foundation. The initiative arose from conversations Booth had with painter Robert Hagan, ahead of the 75-year-old artist’s upcoming foray into the Web3 realm. Booth said the pair intends to “develop relationships with traditional artists and then get them onboarded”. Booth has recently been involved in some confusion around the Outlaws Western-themed profile picture NFT collection. Despite some claiming Outlaws was copying Booth’s work, the artist secured a custom wrap while attending the NFT.NYC conference that helped to publicise his initiative.

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