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Nature and Animal Conservation — Global Issues

Conservation of ecosystems and species is crucial for maintaining natural balances that have been disrupted by human activity. However, conservation efforts are often undermined by habitat destruction, illegal poaching, and manipulation of protective laws. The pressure on the planet has almost doubled since 1970, and natural resources have declined by more than 33%. The decline of species, such as tigers, lions, rhinos, vultures, polar bears, penguins, amphibians, and primates, threatens biodiversity. Additionally, the destruction of the habitats of chimpanzees is preventing further studies on the possible cures for AIDS. Scientists have discovered many new species through DNA comparisons, highlighting the need to protect biodiversity by conserving habitats. Sustainable development and conservation efforts must also consider addressing root causes such as poverty, which forces people to indulge in activities that contribute to environmental degradation. For instance, increased poverty in nations such as Cameroon has led to the increase of commercial logging that has led to the opening up of forests allowing poachers to penetrate deep inside the forest for bushmeat. Solutions to this problem include promoting the protection of apes by offering incentives to hunters and attracting tourists to see these animals in the wild. However, the success of these efforts has often been limited by a lack of funding, difficulty in finding and photographing endangered animals, and the destruction of crops by apes searching for food. The loss of species and habitats is a worldwide problem, and although efforts to conserve them have been made through sustainable development and conservation, these efforts are often undermined by poverty, consumer demands that fuel deforestation, and illegal poaching.

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