Myles Turner Says NBA Players Are Seen As Property

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Over the last few seasons, NBA players have been more outspoken in talking about their treatment from fans.

Some have taken serious issues with how they are viewed and spoken to.

Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers is one of those players.

Speaking to the Tidal League Run Your Race Pod, via Legion Hoops, Turner said that he feels devalued and dehumanized by some fans.

“People don’t view us as people, we’re property,” Turner said.

“You get paid millions of dollars, shut up. That’s kind of how the casual fan views us,” he added.

There has indeed been pushback from some people over the years about NBA stars airing their opinions.

Whether it comes to politics or the way the league is managed, certain people say that players should just stay quiet and play the game.

In the past, that was often what happened.

But the new generation of NBA stars feel obligated to express what they feel, no matter the subject and no matter the backlash they receive.

Over the last few years, several factors have led to increased tension between players and fans.

The return of people in arenas following COVID-19 featured multiple incidents of fans being unruly, offensive, and even physical towards players.

That coincided with a rise in online betting.

That has also caused some fans to lash out when players don’t perform as well as expected.

All of this has led to increased security and bans from the league.

It has also led to more players speaking out, even during the middle of games, when they are unhappy with the treatment they receive from people in the stands.

Obviously, NBA players should never be seen as simple objects and not actual human beings.

Turner is right to speak his piece, and he won’t be the last.

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