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MoonPay and Julie Pacino Partner on First Film Inspired by NFT-Native Photography

MoonPay, a crypto payment platform, has partnered with filmmaker and producer Julie Pacino as co-executive producer for her upcoming feature-length film, “I Live Here Now”, based on her 2021 NFT photo collection of the same name. This production is the first NFT-native photography intellectual property to inspire a film. Funded in part by Pacino’s follow-up collection named “Keepers of the Inn”, the film release date has not been announced yet but is expected to drop soon. Pacino, a long-time proponent of NFTs and Web3, has directed several short films at her production company, Tiny Apples. The psychological horror story behind “I Live Here Now” focuses on a struggling actress facing childhood trauma and exploring a remote hotel in the woods. Pacino supports using Web3 technology in the film industry to finance creative work outside large production studios and crowdfunding platforms, particularly for underrepresented artists. MoonPay’s involvement in the project could potentially help raise brand awareness and support its goal of onboarding more people to Web3. Head of Entertainment at MoonPay Tom Capone expressed being thrilled to support Pacino’s vision, and Pacino’s new NFT portrait series “Hollywood Mornings” is set to drop later this year in collaboration with MoonPay.

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