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Moonbirds Unveils New ‘$TALONS’ Rewards Initiative

Moonbirds, a popular PFP (profile picture) NFT (non-fungible token) collection, has unveiled a points-based rewards system for NFT holders that it hopes will address community concerns. The rewards system, called $TALONS, will replace the current ‘nesting’ mechanism, allowing holders to collect points that they can exchange for benefits within the Moonbirds ecosystem. It is expected to launch in beta soon, and the team is expected to announce more initiatives such as the “Diamond Exhibition” and “Mythic Eggs” to address community concerns. The move is aimed at addressing concerns over the evolution of the collection, which has left some community members dissatisfied. Moonbirds founder Kevin Rose likens the new system to credit card reward points earned by those that stake their Moonbirds NFTs. The points-based nature of the rewards system is aimed at avoiding any future regulatory concerns around speculative assets. Moonbirds launched in April 2022 and is the tenth most traded NFT project of all time, with over $643 million in total sales.

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