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Minnapad Announces First Two DAOs With Renowned Japanese Game Creators

Japanese create-to-earn DAO launchpad and NFT marketplace, Minnapad, has announced the first two DAOs in a series of launches to follow. In collaboration with two esteemed game creators, Minnapad aims to empower fans by allowing them to collaboratively create legendary DAO projects that offer ownership of thrilling new IPs. Keiji Inafune, known for the iconic visual style in the Mega Man franchise, will lead the first DAO, which introduces the new IP BEASTROID across various mediums, including video games, comics, anime and physical collections of NFTs. The DAO will offer original characters within an exciting post-apocalyptic world where humans fight for survival, with mechanized animal creatures known as “BEASTROID” being humanity’s only hope to reach a safe haven called Paradise. The second DAO, BRAIN FIGHTER, is the brainchild of Seiichi Ishii, the pioneering designer renowned for his work on Tekken and Virtua Fighter. In this world, small robots called Brain Fighters controlled by people’s brain waves take center stage in a tag team-style battle for victory. The DAO structure ensures that its members have intimate access and voting power in the creation of the BEASTROID and BRAIN FIGHTER IPs, giving equal voice to fans, publishers and creators alike. The partnerships with Mr. Inafune and Mr. Ishii mark the beginning of Minnapad’s ambitious efforts to become the platform connecting everyday fans of Japanese content to legendary Japanese creators or “Legends”, as coined by the company. The goal is to bring celebrated Japanese IPs to the web3 ecosystem. Both DAOs are slated to launch in Q2 2023.

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