Mets Slugger Looks Determined To Get The Home Run Crown

New York Mets player Pete Alonso has hit his league-leading ninth home run in a game against the San Francisco Giants. Alonso has cemented his position as one of the league’s top power hitters, breaking the rookie record in 2019 with 53 home runs. He has continued to homer ever since, already surpassing the home run tallies of notable sluggers such as Kyle Tucker and Anthony Rizzo. If Alonso continues to hit homers at his current pace, he could break his own record. Alongside his power-hitting abilities, the first baseman has also improved his vulnerability and has a respectable batting average. With the team facing an injury crisis on the pitching side, it’s important for the Mets to produce as many runs as possible, and Alonso has played a significant role in achieving this. The Mets know Alonso is much more than a one-dimensional slugger, and with his impending free agency, he could become a very rich man if he continues to perform at his current level.

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