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MetaMask Shuts Down Wallet Exploit Claims: Report

Web3 wallet provider MetaMask denied claims that a “massive wallet-draining operation” originated from an exploit of its wallet. The announcement came after MetaMask developer Taylor Mohanan alleged that an attacker was “sending” transactions via MetaMask, draining crypto from long-time users and employees. However, Mohanan later confirmed that the attack was not MetaMask-specific. The heist was discovered earlier this week, resulting in the loss of over 5,000 ETH and an undetermined quantity of tokens and NFTs since December 2022. The attacker deliberately targeted “OGs who are reasonably secure,” as per Mohanan’s analysis. MetaMask confirmed that it was not exploited in any way, adding that its security team is working with affected wallet providers across the space to locate the source of the attack. The attacker withdrew 5,000 ETH from different addresses across 11 blockchains rather than taking it only from MetaMask users. The wallet keys of all the victims were created between 2014 and 2022. Details regarding the hacker’s methods remain unclear.

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