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Merit Circle DAO to deliver gaming subnet Beam

Merit Circle, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), has launched its gaming-oriented blockchain called Beam on the Avalanche network. Beam is a sovereign network commissioned by Merit Circle DAO that aims to pave the way for DAO products and exciting games. The network is meant for the benefit of all connected players and developers, and is considered to be speedy, easy, dependable and having a basic fee structure. Beam provides ownership and management of its network via the token of the DAO ($MC) which is used as gas on the network to validate transactions. The network also offers an array of games, which includes trial Xtreme, Walker World, Hash Rush, and Edenhorde Eclipse, as well as products like an automated market maker (AMM), and additional infrastructural products. The freshly appointed CTO, Brandon Aaskov, intends to do further hiring and work with Ava Labs to lessen fees and maximize the potential of Beam.

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