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Mercedes-Benz CLA Concept Equips In-Car NFT Art Gallery


Mercedes-Benz CLA Concept is no average car; it’s an NFT art gallery on wheels! To this point, car personalization meant just picking the color and add-ons of a desired vehicle. MB.OS, however, ushers in a new storyline entirely.

MB.OS is Mercedes-Benz’s new chip-to-cloud architectural approach fueled by its custom-developed operating system. The technology separates hardware from software for more agile developments, allowing luxury carmakers to innovate freely through AI and ML capabilities, powering in-car LED illumination, animation and more. 

Powering an immersive luxury experience for all CLA Concept car owners, the vehicle has an ultra-advanced MBUX superscreen inside for real-time personalized eco-setting, a digital cockpit, and a 3D navigation system — CLA Concepts know their drivers better than they know themselves!

Surpassingly, the car’s MBUX Collectibles feature can be found via the tech-savvy screen, enabling vehicle owners to proudly display their NFT art galleries from inside their sleek, ‘electric-first’ four-wheelers — an excellent way for Benz buffs to show off their  ‘The NF-G Challenge‘ and ‘Maschine’ NFTs!

CLA Concept’s Road Ahead

Presenting the future of the cars of tomorrow is CLA Concept. Its wide range of sensors, cameras, radar, and ultrasonic units, gear up the mechanics for what drivers can expect from advanced driver assistance systems. Not only is the vehicle Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)-ready, but it also boasts post-purchase upgrades through over-the-air updates. Thus, there are even more advancements in the pipeline! 

“CLA Concept is just the beginning. With MB.OS, we’re not only redefining the car as a mode of transport but envisioning it as a multi-purpose lifestyle platform, an entertainment hub, a productivity zone, and even a component of the larger energy grid,” stated the Chief Technology Officer at Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Markus Schäfer, in a blog post. 

The Mercedes-Benz CLA Concept is a revolution, upending traditional views of what a luxury car can be. With its built-in Mercedes-Benz NFT art gallery and LiDAR mechanics, it soars above and beyond personalization and luxury, fluidly blending tangible and digital landscapes. 

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Image credits via: Mercedes-Benz

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