Mark Cuban slaps down Stephen Miller on Xwitter

Sometimes, in life, you don’t get the hero you want, but you get the hero you need. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks — an organization who has been embroiled in ongoing sexual misconduct allegations for the last several years — is best known for either his role on the wildly popular Shark Tank or for being the NBA owner who is always getting fined by the league. Needless to say, I did not have Cuban on my bingo card as the person who would lay former Trump advisor and all around terrible person, flat out on Xwitter in front of Beyoncè and the entire world. And yet…here we are.

(Before we get into the intricacies of absolutely destroying a terrible person on Xwitter, you should know that writing this piece required me to go look at Stephen Miller’s Xwitter timeline and that I did not receive hazard pay to do so.)

It all began when sentient jell mold Matt Walsh went after some unsuspecting young woman for talking about what her Saturday mornings look like for the single and childless. GASP. THE HORROR.

Miller jumped in, as always, because let’s be honest, who is actually inviting Stephen Miller into a conversation? And this is where things started to go south. Because as a guy who is always screaming about government overreach, Miller sure does seem to love the idea of controlling others. See, e.g., the Muslim Travel Ban, the Child Separation Policy, and the reduction in the number of asylum seekers admitted by the US, all of which were policies Miller helped shape and was intimately involved in pushing out. And after a bit of back and forth between Cuban and Miller, Cuban hit back with the ole Michael Scott line “Where are you the way that you are?”

I can’t recommend going on Xwitter (something I never recommend) and reading Cuban’s entire reply, which only gets better the more you read. And Cuban hits right at the heat of today’s version of conservatism: the desire to be free of basic human dignity and the freedom to do and say all manner of hateful things that cause genuine harm, all while denigrating people who chose to live their lives differently than the masses. Miller’s Child Separation Policy ripped apart thousands of families, and over 1,000 children still had not been united with their parents as of February of 2023. That is real, active harm to thousands of human beings. But Miller would rather get upset about a 29-year old woman who shares that her life is full without children. Stephen, why do you care?

And this is when Cuban comes in with the elbow drop:

Again, I encourage you to read the entire reply, but here’s the money quote from Cuban:

2. We agree on the importance of children. This country needs to commit to feed, educate, care and support every child , no exceptions. It’s basic math, economics and morality, that the healthier and better educated every child in this country is the more positive their impact on the economy and more importantly, on society and future generations 3. Which leads to the question of hate. Maybe I’m wrong , but if one of those children is born to an illegal immigrant, my understanding is that you do not want to help them and you want to deport them ? IMO that is not what a civilized society does. That is hateful.

The only thing scarier than guys like Miller, who offer up the same racist and xenophobic rants as the KKK is how many people line up behind them when they dress up all the -isms in a suit and tie and go on Sunday morning talk shows. Given the amping up of racial aggression an violence across American, it’s a welcome relief to see a giant from the world of sports stand up to these MAGA jerks.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that, as a woman on the internet, I appreciate a billionaire sports owner taking time out of his day to smack down misogynist trolls like Walsh, who would love for every woman to remain barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, and are making a fortune off that viewpoint. If you think the only reason for women to exist is to procreate, well…woo. You are saying a whole lot about yourself to the world. More of this from the men on the internet, please.

So bravo to my fellow Indiana University alum Mark Cuban. And well done. For today at least, you got the internet right.

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