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Mandala Kicks off its Metaverse with NFT Launch

Mandala, a cross-chain Metaverse platform that runs on the Polkadot infrastructure, is prepping for its first major non-fungible token (NFT) drop via the Astar Network. The ‘Cryptonauts Collection’, designed by concept artist Bruce Zick, will be at the heart of Mandala’s expansion into the Metaverse. It aims to create an enlightenment universe using top-tier Unreal Engine technology, and will be interoperable with Sophiaverse, operated by SingularityNet. The aim is to offer an immersive gameplay experience inspired by world mythologies, driven by rich and varied storytelling, and resulting in a spiritual journey into the world’s first Metaverse-based enlightenment simulator. Mandala’s Metaverse spans TV, graphic novels, gaming and cutting-edge augmented reality. The project will launch the Cryptonaut NFT collection on April 28 on the Astar Network. It will contain concept art by Zick, which will offer untold utility and benefits within the Mandala ecosystem and Interoperability with its partnered Metaverses. The Cryptonauts NFT collection is part of Mandala’s drive to create a groundbreaking addition to the emerging Metaverse era. The project also stands out due to the involvement of entertainment media figures such as Zick, who famously illustrated Marvel’s Thor Comics, and Executive Producer Kevin J Foxe, who rose to prominence with his impressive work on cult favorite scare movie, The Blair Witch Project.

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