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Man driven to shed over 170 pounds after disappointing 4-year-old daughter: ‘Now she’s smiling all the time’

David Murphy was prompted to turn his life around after his 400-pound weight made it difficult to play with his daughter. Murphy had gained 200 pounds, nearly drank daily and struggled with PTSD after being attacked in 1994. However, the birth of his daughter in 2014 spurred him to go to a nearby gym, where he faced mocking comments that led to him giving up. Four years later, in 2018, Murphy was leaving a playground with Chloe when she asked him to race her home. The father was forced to decline, which broke his daughter’s heart, leading him to make a social media pledge to lose 100 pounds and donate one dollar per pound to Can Praxis, a charity for veterans and first responders with PTSD. He eventually lost 170 pounds, and donations from his peers lifted his donation to over $20,000 for those charities.

Murphy’s journey resonated with many fathers, many of whom sought advice from him. The weight loss experience also allowed him to get his PTSD under control. Almost five years into his transformation, Murphy said Chloe remains his motivation for staying healthy. “I used to sometimes sit around and wonder what my purpose was and why I was kept around,” he said. “And then I look at her and that’s pretty clear.”

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