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Leaked documents investigation: Jack Teixeira arrested by FBI

Jack Teixeira, an airman in the Massachusetts Air National Guard, has been arrested for his alleged connection with the disclosure of dozens of secret documents that reveal sensitive US defense and intelligence information. The documents contain details about the war in Ukraine, including information about anticipated Russian airstrikes on specific targets and other Russian war plans. The documents offer an unprecedented glimpse into US efforts to support the Ukrainian government, as well as the extent to which US intelligence agencies have penetrated Russian communication channels to the benefit of Ukrainian forces. Teixeira’s arrest came after the disclosures were circulated on platforms including Discord, 4chan, Twitter, and Russian Telegram channels. The group who first shared the documents is known as “Thug Shaker Central”, included about two dozen users and their leader is known as “OG”. President Biden said during his visit to Dublin on Thursday that investigators were close to identifying a suspect. The disclosures have drawn comparisons to previous intelligence breaches, including Chelsea Manning’s disclosure of classified information to WikiLeaks in 2010 and Edward Snowden leaking a trove of documents about the National Security Agency’s spying programs in 2013.

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