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Join the Pack: Cool Cats Introduces Shadow Wolves NFTs | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture

Cool Cats has released a new collection of NFTs called Shadow Wolves, expanding the gameplay and competitive experiences within the Cool Cats ecosystem. Shadow Wolves are considered “Super Cool” members, and holders will have access to unique journeys and exclusive items. The Shadow Wolves NFTs are free to mint by burning a Cool Cats Fracture, and the minting period runs from April 20 to May 19. The introduction of Shadow Wolves signifies another chapter in the growing IP of the Cool Cats brand, and the recent equity swap with Futureverse will offer even more ways to engage in the Cool Cats ecosystem. Shadow Wolves bring new game-playing dynamics and healthy competition to the Cool Cats community and fit into the “Super Cool” tier alongside Cool Pets. Shadow Wolves holders will have early access to special drops, releases, exclusive merch, IRL events, and partnership perks, among other benefits. The maximum collection size for Shadow Wolves is 11,575, and each tier will be organized similarly to the Cool Cats Collection tier system, with levels ranging from Shadow 1 to Chaos 2. The Cool Score also influences tier prioritization, so active participation in Journeys is encouraged to level up.

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