James Harden’s postseason disappearing act is getting old

James Harden’s struggles in the NBA playoffs have become an annual trend, with the Brooklyn Nets star failing to deliver when it matters most. Harden has a history of disappearing in the postseason, from his no-show in the 2012 NBA Finals to difficulties in recent years. The warning signs were already present in the final weeks of the regular season, as Harden’s performance dipped and he battled a sore Achilles. In the first two games of the Nets’ series against the Philadelphia 76ers, Harden has been ineffective, scoring only 21 points on 23 shots in Game 1 and eight points on 13 attempts from the field in Game 2. While the Sixers were able to survive this one-dimensional play in the first round of the playoffs, it is unlikely to work in a second-round matchup. Harden’s limitations are also causing problems for the Nets’ offense, gumming up the works, and his performance has declined significantly from two years ago when he was considered one of the best scorers in the league. While there is always a possibility that Harden could turn his performance around and lead the Nets to victory, it is not a sure thing.

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