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Italy captures brown bear that fatally mauled runner

A bear known as Jj4, which fatally attacked a runner in northern Italy, has been captured by authorities. The incident has triggered a debate about handling Italy’s expanding brown bear population. The new development comes after the Trento provincial authorities ordered the bear’s killing in the aftermath of the death of Andrea Papi while on a mountain run between 5-6 April. The killing order was then suspended by an administrative court following an appeal by an animal rights group. Jj4 injured a father and son in the area just last year. Again, the authorities had ordered the bear’s killing in that instance, but a court had blocked the move.
Jj4 was born to two bears transported to Italy from Slovenia two decades ago as part of a programme to repopulate the dwindling brown bear population in Europe. The programme has since succeeded in enabling the brown bear population to rebound. Nonetheless, there have been increasingly frequent encounters between the animals and humans. Papi’s family opposed the bear’s culling.

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