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Italy captures brown bear that fatally mauled runner

A bear that killed a runner in northern Italy has been captured in a tube trap and is being held pending a final decision on its fate. The female bear, known as Jj4, was identified as the killer through DNA tracing after 26-year-old Andrea Papi was fatally mauled when out on a mountain training session in April. Authorities have already ordered Jj4 to be euthanized, but animal rights groups have appealed to an administrative court which has so far blocked the move. Jj4 is the same bear that injured a father and son walking in the region last year when the authorities also ordered it to be killed. It was repopulated in the area as part of a project launched 20 years ago by the European Union to increase the brown bear population in the Alpine region, which had declined to near extinction, and there are now more than 100 bears in the region. Local authorities are seeking to transfer some of the excess population from the Trento region, but animal rights groups are opposed to culling this or any other bears.

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