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Iran Condemns G7 Statement, Reaffirms Cooperation With IAEA, Voices Opposition To Ukraine War

Iran has criticized a statement from members of the G7 nation grouping that called on Iran to refrain from actions that destabilize the Middle East. The Foreign Ministry responded to the statement’s comment by saying that the G7’s remarks implied “the unilateral approach of western parties who violate regional and international peace, stability and security and are trying to impose the group’s will on independent nations and multilateral frameworks.” Iran objected to statements made by the G7 member states regarding Iran’s nuclear programme, calling them “unfounded allegations” and accused the US of violating international law through withdrawal from the nuclear deal, a move unrelated to Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities. Tehran also declared its support for technical and constructive cooperation and interactions with the International Atomic Energy Agency as well as reaffirming its willingness to engage in the Vienna talks for resuming the Iran nuclear deal. The statement concluded by arguing that Iran has consistently opposed the Ukraine conflict and favours dialogue to resolve differences, and that it has no involvement in provoking the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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